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Titanium AOP Water Quality

January 8, 2011

BrightWater Advanced Oxidation technology for water disinfection.

The technology is based on the combination of well-proven ultraviolet light radiation and a photo-catalytic effect in the water, i.e a combination of UV light and the semiconductor titanium dioxide. This process is called AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process).
Due to this enhanced oxidation process, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens found in the water are destroyed faster and more effectively than by other systems currently in use. Moreover, a new patented system runs the UV lamp – ECG (Electronic Control Gear), this reduces power consumption, prolongs the lamp’s lifetime, reduces the polarization effect as well as enabling the advanced control of the UV flence. As a result we have a system that is much more technological advanced and economical than conventional UV systems.

How the disinfection works

Bacteria, viruses, and other micro organisms are sensitive to UV light at a particular wavelength at 253.7 nanometers. Their reproductive capability is destroyed by cross linking and splitting their DNA, which means that they are inactivated and no longer constitute a threat to human health.
In ultraviolet disinfection water is passing in submerged UV lamps emitting doses of energy disabling pathogens. Its strength depends on the UV light intensity and the time of exposure.

In the titanium system this process is enhanced by using a reactor chamber made of titanium and containing titanium dioxide. The UV radiation and the titanium dioxide cause the rise of a photo catalytic process. This process creates OH radicals with the highest oxygenation potential. This is more effective than ozone or chlorine. Such a solution makes the process of disinfection much more effective than traditional UV systems. Additionally the AOP process does not leave any permanent changes to the physical and chemical parameters of taste for the cleaned water.

Why choose AOP for your own use?

The system uses no chemicals and in the case of fitting to an existing installation they can considerably diminish the chemical quantities previously required. This means our products are socially and environmentally friendly.
This method of disinfecting and purifying does not change the odour and taste of water. Due to the microprocessor inspection parameters, this system works unfailingly, constantly informing about its own status. It assures lower power consumption, long service and low operating costs.

Disinfection with the use of AOP can be used everywhere, where bacteriological protection is required including:
• Drinking water.
• Waste Water.
• Water treatment in cooling tower.
• Water in bubble pools and swimming pools.
• Water for fish breading.
• Water in agriculture (pig and chicken farms).
• Water for horticulture and green houses.

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