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The operating principles

The Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)

Cross section through Titanium AOP reactor

The Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) that is at the heart of the system has been shown to provide an exceptional capacity to ‘kill-all’ waterborne organisms as well as to decompose the resulting organic matter. This unselective ‘kill-all’ technology gives complete oxidation and purification of the water system that represents a watershed in the advancement of water treatment technology.

Until now where high killing rates are needed to achieve good levels of disinfection, unstable high maintenance chemical systems such as Ozone have been used. The alternative is now available through the use of the Titanium AOP system that offers the highest killing rates in a chemical free, low energy, environmentally friendly package that is also simple and cost effective to maintain.

The process uses a Titanium vessel with a unique titanium dioxide coating on the internal surface. The AOP exploits the photo-catalytic effect created when UV at 254nm reacts on the Titanium Dioxide coating in the presence of water. This process generates a Photo-Catalytic Oxidation reaction which is stronger than any other common oxidant. This reaction will oxidise and kill any microorganism and breakdown any organic pollutant present.

The Photo-Catalytic Reaction is so strong that if no pollutants are present it oxidises water to Hydroxyl Radicals. These Hydroxyl Radicals are also very high strength oxidising agents which are mobile and hence destroy those microbes or pollutants present in the main water stream. The Photo-Catalytic Oxidation reaction in combination with the effect of the Hydroxyl Radicals makes the Titanium AOP the strongest oxidising system available.

The chemical reaction is so quick that the Hydroxyl Radical exists for only a few milliseconds before reverting back to the stable state of water.