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Features and benefits

Titanium AOP is an environmentally friendly ‘gatekeeper’ solution that prevents Legionella and other organisms from entering the water system within the building. Titanium AOP has been installed throughout Europe and Asia in a range of applications including potable water supplies, cooling towers, humidifiers, swimming pools, spas, showers and process water.

  • Ensures the non-selective destruction of all organisms quickly and easily, including Legionella
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost effective as expensive chemicals are not required
  • Eliminates risk of over dosing with chemicals and subsequent corrosion to pipework and valves
  • Photo-Catalytic Oxidation and Hydroxyl Radical OH has the highest oxidation/Redox value of any disinfection method available for potable water systems
  • Photo-Catalytic Oxidation and Hydroxyl Radicals decompose organic and microbiological matter, pollutants, hydrocarbons and help prevent biofilms forming
  • Offers a water purification process in addition to disinfection system
  • Vitens Laboratory test on live cultured Legionella grown in Amoebae produced a Log 6 reduction using AOP technology
  • Patented Electronic Control Gear reduces power consumption, monitors lamps  and overall system performance
  • Systems available for flow rates from 1m3/hour to over 400m3/hour
  • Low energy consumption
  • Simple, low cost maintenance procedures
  • Proven track record – installed worldwide
  • WRAS approved