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Food Processing Technology Water Treatment

Food Processing Technology Water Treatment


Brightwater has for many years developed and manufactured water treatment solutions for industry. Recent further technological development has allowed us to offer a number of innovative technologies to assist the food process industry in their businesses.

These unique & innovative technologies include the following:

  • NatureCare: Sulphite free potato preservative
  • SupremeCare: Low Sulphite potato preservative
  • EcoCare: Low usage refined Sulphite potato preservative
  • VegCare: Wash to give high quality vegetable products
  • Titanium AOP: Chemical free disinfection for vegetable products
  • Filtration: High level filtration for high loading food processes

All the above products have been exhaustively tested and researched utilizing our own chemists and scientists in collaboration with The University of Surrey, The University of Portsmouth and The University of Greenwich. Research has been part funded through a Government Enterprise Loan and several companies within the Brightwater Group


Brightwater NatureCare

The Sulphite-free potato preservative solution

  • An entirely natural product made with a blend of natural acids
  • No alteration to the natural flavour
  • Suitable for organic production
  • No allergy reactions
  • Shelf life similar to Sulphite chemical products
  • The healthier potato option
  • A superior, tastier, better quality potato
  • No hard case skinning or lumpy mash
  • No alteration to the natural flavour
  • No legal limits


Brightwater SupremeCare

The refined Low-Sulphite potato preservative

  • An very low Sulphite preservative option
  • Researched at several Universities to minimise Sulphite levels
  • Low usage product with even application to potatoes